Dream Eater and Primordial

Dream Eater and Primordial
Dream Eater and Primordial

Dream Eater and Primordial

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production year 2021
art materials/techniques oil painting, acrylic
Size (length x width) 652×530 (mm)
weight 985 (g)
original or reproduction original picture
number of editions
*Only for reproductions
Framed Nothing
sign Yes

<Story of the work>

This work was created when I had a live painting at an event. It is expressed with negative energy born from dreams and beliefs.

<A word from the staff>
Takumi Kuroki, a painter from Kagawa Prefecture, is active as a contemporary painter with the theme of "exorcism, soul, and energy."
Thinking about the various evils around him, he draws evil gods with the message, "Poison defeats poison."

Artwork by Takumi Kuroki_1

Artwork by Takumi Kuroki_2

This work expresses negative energy such as "dreams and beliefs". A worm-like creature is staring at me with blazing eyes. This work, drawn with live painting, has a dynamic touch and a bold and colorful demon that attracts the eye.

Kuroki Takumi's works always depict imaginary monsters. I'm looking forward to seeing the devil that appears after pursuing the theme of the work.

In recent years, why not take this opportunity to welcome the works of contemporary painter Takumi Kuroki, who is expanding his activities in a wide range of fields such as live painting and workshops.

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