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production year 2021
art materials/techniques acrylic, canvas
Size (length x width) 400×400 (mm)
original or reproduction original picture
number of editions
*Only for reproductions
Framed Nothing
sign Yes

<Story of the work>

As the cycle of "destruction" and "creation" accelerates, the world is being questioned as to why "individuals" exist. Those who find it in their work, those who confirm themselves through their involvement with society and organizations, and those who find roles in their families and local communities. There are as many "pieces" as there are lives.

"When something disappears, something new is born"

The current situation we are facing is not only a negative thing, but it should also be a bright thing as the birth of new possibilities. The “crack” that I put into my work is the beginning of all things, and a trigger for infinite possibilities that each person can look into.

I think my role is to create a new day to receive such possibilities.

<A word from the staff>
Akiyama is an artist and the president of the company he founded.

He creates works with the theme of "crack", which he regards as "the beginning of all things and the trigger to seize infinite possibilities". He has participated in various exhibitions both in Japan and overseas, and has won many awards. This is an artist I look forward to working with in the future.

Artwork of Mt.AKI_1

Artwork of Mt.AKI_2

Traces and cracks drawn with a powerful touch of acrylic paint. Cracks, which are usually treated as a negative thing, are an important essence in his works that make them stand out. The way the colors overlap and the fact that you can feel the depth even though it is flat is also a point of interest.

This work has an impressive contrast between the pink of the motif and the green of the background. From the way the motif is drawn, you can feel the depth on the right side of the work.

With a size of 40 cm square, it is an affordable size and easy to decorate anywhere. It's a small but powerful picture, so just having one will tighten the space at once.