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production year 2021
art materials/techniques acrylic canvas
Size (length x width) 910 x 727 (mm)
weight 1500 (g)
original or reproduction original picture
number of editions
*Only for reproductions
Framed Nothing
sign Yes

<Story of the work>

If OLI's peculiar "WARP" distortion is considered a new balance, and if the distortion feels beautiful, then that new balance can be established and become a new golden ratio. It expresses the challenge and hope.

The profile of this time (SIDE WARP SERIES) has a fantasy name unique to the WARP series. The name that can be given by unifying the initials of the series is SIDEFACE this time, so this time everyone is categorized into names starting with S.

However, names are like images or nicknames, not absolutes. I want you to name each of them

<A word from the staff>
Based on the theme of "distorted image of WARP", Hiroshima-born artist OLI creates works that combine human faces that take you into another dimension and hand drawings that are associated with angel wings.
In addition to artist activities, as an art director, he is involved in a wide range of activities such as planning and managing art events in the fashion, video, and club scenes, as well as collaborating with musicians.

Artwork of OLI_1

OLI artwork_2

This work from "SIDE WARP SERIES", in which the profile and part of the body of a person are distorted in a spiral. The imaginary name "STANLEY" that OLI named himself is often used for place names and personal names. Of course, the title "STANLEY" will give you various imaginations, and you will be able to appreciate the work from two angles.

The hand posing drawings drawn on the side of the face are like small wings. Combined with the simple moss green background, it gives a modern impression.

This is an opportunity to get a large-scale work by OLI, an artist who has been expanding his field in recent years, for about 400,000 yen!
Why don't you welcome the work to your room?

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