Shine Tiger 2021

Shine Tiger 2021
Shine Tiger 2021
Shine Tiger 2021
Shine Tiger 2021
Shine Tiger 2021

Shine Tiger 2021

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production year 2021
art materials/techniques acrylic, fluorescent paint
Size (length x width) 1000×803 (mm)
weight 4000 (g)
original or reproduction original picture
number of editions
*Only for reproductions
Framed Nothing
sign Yes

<Story of the work>

End of 2021. To celebrate the next year, I created a tiger, which is the zodiac, with live painting. I expressed the looming power.

<A word from the staff>
Suzuki Tsukasa, a male painter from Ibaraki Prefecture, draws strong and beautiful women with the concept of "beautiful, challengers". He incorporates the experiences and encounters he gained during his stay in Rwanda in Africa into his works.

Suzuki Palm's art work_1
Suzuki Palm's art work_2

This work depicts the tiger, the Chinese zodiac sign of 2022, with a dynamic and lively touch using acrylic paint and fluorescent paint. You can feel the quiet breath of life from the tiger painted in colorful colors.

If you hang it not only in your home, but also in your office or tenants, you will be able to meet people and talk about art.