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production year 2021
art materials/techniques acrylic, globe
Size (length x width) 200×200 (mm)
original or reproduction original picture
number of editions
*Only for reproductions
Framed Nothing
sign Yes

<Story of the work>

I wanted to create a piece that would help my tired heart due to the corona crisis, and make me feel a little warmer, so I made it. There is a weight in the center of gravity, so you can enjoy touching it with your hands.

<A word from the staff>
LUISE ONO, a female artist from Shonan who draws plants with the theme of "growth". She is a popular artist who is also very active as a wall artist in various parts of Japan.

Onoruise wall artOnoruise MONSTER wall art

This work, painted on a globe, is painted in soft colors and makes you feel calm just by looking at it. The flowers drawn all around are cute accents.

While LUISE ONO's painting works exceed 150,000 yen, this work, which can be purchased for less than 50,000 yen, is recommended for those who purchase art for the first time and as a gift.

The size is affordable and can be displayed anywhere, and it goes well with interior items such as vases and photos. Why not take this opportunity to add some color to your room?