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    date of birth / gender / blood type

    - / Female / Type A

    Birthplace -hometown-

    Aichi prefecture

    Title -title-


    Profile -career-

    He studied painting by himself while working as a pharmacist.
    Started exhibition activities in 2019, mainly dealing with motifs related to the human body and living organisms.
    From 2021, the activity name will be changed from yuka oota to Rika Ota.

    Activity history -the theme of making a treasure-

    Exhibition history
    2019 | Solo Exhibition (CERVA/Nagoya)
    2020 | ``100 people 10'', ``Japan Association for Art Tech'' (Tokyo), ``The 56th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiology'' (Kyoto)
    2021 | "100 people 10", "Japan Association for Art Tech" (Tokyo), group exhibition (gallery kochuten/Nagoya)
    2022 | Group exhibition (gallery rempahrempah/Kanazawa),Group exhibition (THE blank GALLERY/Tokyo)

    2021 | "100 People 10" Sponsor Award "IVXLCDM AWARD"

    The trigger for starting art -the trigger for art-

    When I learned that I was a medical illustrator, a profession that specializes in drawing illustrations to be published in medical-related books and papers.

    Motivation for making works -motivation-

    A desire to quickly visualize the images that pop up in your mind

    Dream as an artist -dream as an artist-

    Continuing to create works that make the hearts of those who appreciate them

    Motto -motto-

    action before words

    -where to make a treasure-

    Favorite art tool -favorite tool-

    Hobby -hobby-


    Dominant hand -dominant hand-

    Favorite food -favorite food-


    Favorite music -favorite music-

    favorite animal

    Favorite movie -favorite movie-

    A word to those who are watching my work -messeage-

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