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    date of birth / gender / blood type

    / female / type O

    Birthplace -hometown-


    Title -title-


    Profile -career-

    Painting has always been with me. Just as delicious crops grow in good soil, painting is the same as farming. I draw pictures because I want to be rich in everything. ⁡Being rich is natural, organic, communicative and cultivating.

    ⁡Natural objects such as stones, plants, humans, and animals with colors, shapes, and temperatures that are beyond human imagination. He is interested in the phenomena and stories that arise from the presence of humans, and uses the things he finds in his daily life as motifs. Entrusting the movements of his own hands, he traces unseen shapes and incorporates them into his works.

    I just want to draw, so I draw.

    Activity history -the theme of making a treasure-

    Solo exhibition history⁡ 2017 | 「dansu dansu dansu」/ (Harajuku Design Festa Gallery EAST107)
    ⁡ 2018 | "METTEYYA NEW SHIT" / (Higashi Nagasaki Chick Flick Bake)
    ⁡ 2020 | 「esquisse of kokyu 」/ (Higashi Nagasaki Chick Flick Bake)
    ⁡ 2021 | ``kokyu'' (KOMAGOME1-14cas), ``De flores misteriosas'' (TIMELESS ROCKERS), ``Moonlight falls after the mountain at night.
    ⁡ 2022 | In Paradise (BABY BABY HAMBURGER and BOOKS)

    ⁡Group Exhibition⁡ 2016 |"Internet Black Market" (3331 Arts Chiyoda)
    ⁡ 2019 |「FAD」(Gallery Conceal Shibuya),「People」(LIFE HUB),「SWARM」(Sakura Space)
    ⁡ 2020 |「OSAM」(Hassyadai Harajuku),「OKINAWA ART MARTKET」(People's Art Gallery)
    ⁡ 2022 |「imasuki」(Plant and Soil)

    ⁡Award History⁡ 2016 | TURNER AWARD 2016 Selected

    The trigger for starting art -the trigger for art-

    do not know. From an early age, drawing was as natural as breathing.

    Motivation for making works -motivation-

    necessary for survival.

    Dream as an artist -dream as an artist-

    Anything is fine as long as you can live the bare minimum and keep drawing.
    ⁡I would like to open a large atelier and gallery in Okinawa.

    Motto -motto-

    we are farmers

    -where to make a treasure-

    on the desk

    Favorite art tool -favorite tool-

    sennelier pigment

    Hobby -hobby-


    Dominant hand -dominant hand-


    Favorite food -favorite food-

    cigarettes and coffee/chocolate

    Favorite music -favorite music-

    instrumental/hip hop/ambient

    favorite animal


    Favorite movie -favorite movie-

    instant swamp

    A word to those who are watching my work -messeage-


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