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    date of birth / gender / blood type

    / female / type O

    Birthplace -hometown-

    Kanagawa Prefecture

    Title -title-


    Profile -career-

    The main ingredients that make up "kawaii" are "a sense of imperfection (allowable sloppiness, carelessness, gaps)" and "a small amount of narcissism."
    I think that there may be a "nostalgic texture" and draw them.

    Activity history -the theme of making a treasure-

    Solo exhibition/event history
    August 2022 | Narcolepsy1999 1st SOLO Exhibition "Akubi" (Shinjuku)
    September 2022 | Participation in Any Kobe with Arts 2022 (Kobe)

    Corporate project entertainment office Topcoat 1st audition, 2nd audition Illustration charge Fukushima Prefecture Election Administration Commission House of Councilors election poster illustration, animation charge

    The trigger for starting art -the trigger for art-

    When the doctor told me that I had a sleep disorder called central nervous system narcolepsy, I said, "Let's live with the support of the people around us."
    I was told, and I accepted it and spent it.
    In the midst of this, there were people who were happy to see the pictures I was drawing as a hobby, and I thought, "Maybe I can be of help to someone."
    As if clinging to that hope, I became absorbed in drawing.

    Motivation for making works -motivation-

    People walking on the streets, posters in train stations, boxes of sweets...
    The moment you feel "cute" and your heart moves, the desire to "want to draw" is born.

    Dream as an artist -dream as an artist-

    I want to draw more cute pictures. That's why I want to get better.

    Motto -motto-

    I want to live as painlessly as possible.

    -where to make a treasure-

    A sofa for one person in the corner of the room

    Favorite art tool -favorite tool-

    iPad Pro/Apple Pencil (2nd generation)/Clip Studio

    Hobby -hobby-

    Travel/visiting soba restaurants

    Dominant hand -dominant hand-

    right hand

    Favorite food -favorite food-

    Soba Noodles (80% or more) / Kanpei / Melon

    Favorite music -favorite music-

    Yorushika / RADWIMPS / Zutto Mayonade Ii Ni / Yu Takahashi / Aimyon / Mao Abe etc.

    favorite animal

    Ringed seal/dog/cat

    Favorite movie -favorite movie-

    Wandering Moon / Howl's Moving Castle / Laputa: Castle in the Sky / Nobody Knows / Summer Wars etc.

    A word to those who are watching my work -messeage-

    I would be happy if I could deliver a little looseness and a little tightness to your life.

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