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/ Female / Type A

Birthplace -hometown-

Kyoto City

Title -title-


Profile -career-

I express the feelings I feel from everyday life in a nostalgic way and trace my memories.
According to my mother, I learned to hold a brush rather than hold chopsticks from the age of 2, majoring in oil painting from high school and entering the art world in earnest and studying abroad.
In 2021, he resumed his activities as an artist using digital art and oil painting after a hiatus.
I think digital is one of the methods in contemporary art, and using an IPAD is a way of expression that only we can do today.
In addition to digital, I also create acrylic and oil paintings.

Activity history -the theme of making a treasure-

Exhibition history
2009 | Oil Painting Graduation Exhibition (Prefectural Museum of Modern Art), Architecture Group Exhibition (Prefectural Museum of Modern Art)
2021 | Digital Art Design Festa (Gallery Harajuku), Digital Art (Sakuratei Gallery)
2022 | Exhibited at Digital Art Milan (MADS Gallery/Milano Italia), Participated in Digital Art and Acrylic Fukushima Art in Residence,
Digital art/acrylic solo exhibition (Osaka/Hiraoka coffee shop), digital art/acrylic exhibition (ROSES&CASTLES, Tokyo), digital art/acrylic/oil painting Independent Tokyo 2022 participation, digital art/acrylic/oil painting solo exhibition (Kawaguchiko/hotel.norm.fuji) , digital art, acrylic, oil painting solo exhibition (Osaka), scheduled to exhibit at Digital Art Barcelona (MADS Gallery/Barcelona Spain)

2008 | Selected for Oil Painting Prefectural Exhibition, Received multiple special awards
2009 | Won 3rd and 4th place in the National Kobun Oil Painting Contest
2021 | Digital Art Kishiwada Design Contest Winner, Digital Art 100 Winners (Shinwa Art Auction Ginza)
2022 | Selected for Digital Art 0 Exhibition (Osaka Municipal Museum of Art)

The trigger for starting art -the trigger for art-

The work depicting a woman called LA girl is the first digital art painting to be shown in an exhibition.
The exhibition "100 people 10" will be exhibited at the Ginza Shinwa Art Auction after selecting 100 works from 550 artists using Instagram based on the number of "likes". Having restarted as an artist, I did not expect to be selected.
When I was selected, I was surprised and nervous at the same time.
After that, the work was sold out without incident, and I am truly grateful to everyone who evaluated my painting as good and to the organizers who gave me the opportunity to exhibit it, and I will use it as food for my future activities.

Motivation for making works -motivation-

The voices of everyone who always supports me is food! ! !

Dream as an artist -dream as an artist-

Overseas expansion! ! I want to create an opportunity for as many people as possible to know my work.
For that reason, I would like to be active not only in Japan but all over the world.

Motto -motto-

learning from the past

-where to make a treasure-

one's home

Favorite art tool -favorite tool-


Hobby -hobby-


Dominant hand -dominant hand-

Favorite food -favorite food-


Favorite music -favorite music-

lofi hip hop

favorite animal

Favorite movie -favorite movie-

A word to those who are watching my work -messeage-

I would appreciate it if you could feel something from my work and become your own food.