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    date of birth / gender / blood type

    October 1, 1976/Male/Type O

    Dominant hand -dominant hand-


    Birthplace -hometown-


    Title -title-


    career -career-

    A painter who makes full use of two techniques, collage and acrylic paint, to superimpose familiar images such as celebrities, politicians, and corporate logos that symbolize the times into provocative collages.
    In addition to working on many artworks for fashion magazines such as VOGUE JAPAN and Numero TOKYO, he has collaborated with global brands such as Marc by marc jacobs and Stella McCartney.

    Motto -motto-

    Punk is attitude, not style

    Works Theme -the theme of making a treasure-

    Bring changes to existing cognition and overturn stereotypes.

    Dream as an artist -dream as an artist-


    The trigger for starting art -the trigger for art-

    Because it was perfect for conveying what I wanted to convey

    Motivation for making works -motivation-

    just fun

    -where to make a treasure-


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    Hobby -hobby-


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    favorite animal


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    A word to those who are watching my work -messeage-


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