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    date of birth / gender / blood type

    April 30, 1996/Male/Type A

    Dominant hand -dominant hand-

    Birthplace -hometown-

    Obu City, Aichi Prefecture

    Title -title-


    career -career-

    An artist who draws pictures with the motif of the third character. Lives in Tokyo, 25 years old. Graduated from Tokyo Designer Gakuin Art Department. After returning from studying abroad in Canada and the United States, he started working as an artist in the spring of 2019.
    With the theme of "what is love" and "what is sex", I aim to create equal paintings regardless of gender or race by drawing original creatures that did not exist in the past or do not exist. Active both in Japan and overseas, mainly in Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.

    Exhibition history
    2021 | THE blank GALLERY SUMMER GROUP SHOW(Tokyo), 100 people 10 Shinwa Art Museum(Tokyo)
    2022 | 7nin10 Sponsored by between the arts(Tokyo),I am always be with you(Hang Kong),HEAVEN for us(Fukuoka)

    Motto -motto-

    I don't have anything in particular, but Coco Chanel's "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove just one accessory" is something that comes to mind.

    Works Theme -the theme of making a treasure-

    At first, there were many satirical works that included black humor, but since the beginning of 2021, from the perspective of my own sexual minority, I have been focusing on the themes of "what is love" and "what is sex". By drawing original creatures that did not exist or do not exist in the past, we aim to create equal paintings that are not bound by gender or race.

    Dream as an artist -dream as an artist-

    Specifically, I would like to decorate the cover of JUXTAPOZ. Of course, I want to become a pop icon as a writer, as well as my works.

    The trigger for starting art -the trigger for art-

    When I graduated from high school, I started looking for a job, but I didn't want to do a "normal" job, and I wanted to go to Tokyo, so I looked for a design-related company. After joining the company, I had the chance to learn something about design, and I also encountered art.
    Enrolled in Tokyo Designer Gakuin Art Department and experienced art in earnest. After graduating, I decided to study abroad in Canada and Toronto for a year. After returning to Japan, in the summer of 2019, he started working as an artist based in Tokyo.

    Motivation for making works -motivation-

    I would be happy if my work quietly snuggles up to someone's life and colors it as one of the colors of that person's life.

    -where to make a treasure-

    Favorite art tool -favorite tool-

    Hobby -hobby-

    Reading/DJing/buying flowers

    Favorite food -favorite food-

    Favorite music -favorite music-

    favorite animal

    Favorite movie -favorite movie-

    A word to those who are watching my work -messeage-

    Thank you from my heart

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