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production year 2022
art materials/techniques acrylic on canvas
Size (length x width) 273×220 (mm)
weight 200 (g)
original or reproduction original picture
number of editions
*Only for reproductions
Framed Nothing
sign Yes

<Story of the work>

As a basis for my work, I intentionally remove meaning from my work, and I draw to ride the rhythm of the moment without sticking to a plan.

This work was painted from late at night until early in the morning after finishing two paintings on the same day. I have almost no memory of the process of making it, and before I knew it, I was surprised to find that a cow had been drawn.

<A word from the staff>
Ai Saccalani is an artist who is a mix of British, Indian and Okinawan, and whose work expresses the background of growing up in a borderless environment. His work, which has a bold and pop touch that seems to play with colors, is highly evaluated in various industries including the apparel industry.

Sakkarani Love Artwork_1
Sakkarani Love Artwork_2

This work was produced by throwing away concepts such as themes and concepts. This work uses the physical strength of the artist to the limit, and is a work of the whole body drawn with instinct and energy as an artist. From the figure of the cow, which he drew with almost no memory of the time when he was working on it, you can feel his quiet breathing.

Ai Saccalani's works are not bound by existing art production methods, and develop a unique world view. His works, which evoke the illusion of being swallowed up in a sea of colors, have a mysterious power that attracts people who cannot forget them once they see them.

This is an opportunity to get a piece of love by the artist Saccalani, who is expanding his activities in various fields, for less than 50,000 yen!