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    date of birth / gender / blood type

    - /Male/Type A

    Birthplace -hometown-


    Title -title-


    Profile -career-

    He is a mix of British, Indian and Okinawan, and expresses his background growing up in a borderless environment.
    As a teenager, he attended an international school in Okinawa and a local school in Tokyo. Enthusiastic about graffiti art when he was a student, he creates posters and flyers for events, and designs T-shirts.
    Currently, in addition to exhibiting and selling paintings, he is active in a wide range of activities such as paintings for stores, logo design for companies, and collaboration with the apparel industry and other companies.

    Activity history -the theme of making a treasure-

    Exhibition history
    2020 | ABOUT LIFE COFFE BREWERS,POP UP Exhibition 2020 "In the room"
    2021 | LIFE LOUNGE 2021 ITOSHI SAKHRANI EXHIBITION, PR BAR 2021 “Forgotten Self”, THE LOCAL TOKYO 2021 Three Seasons and Night
    2022 | NICK WHITE TOKYO 2022 ITOSHI SAKHRANI x Kinko`s, Kinko`s SHIBUYA

    Group exhibition history
    2022 | UNKNOWN HARAJUKU 2022 Unplugged, TRiCERA Museum 2022 ROSES CASTLES X SHIBUYA

    The trigger for starting art -the trigger for art-

    I don't remember how I started making music, but the reason I became a full-time artist was because I wanted to do something that I could do every day without getting bored.

    Motivation for making works -motivation-

    I think that it is necessary to sleep well, eat well, and live in harmony with your family in order to create a work.

    Dream as an artist -dream as an artist-

    keep making art

    Motto -motto-

    Effort and perseverance can't beat obsession

    -where to make a treasure-

    home and atelier

    Favorite art tool -favorite tool-

    Hobby -hobby-

    Watching movies/reading/martial arts/cooking

    Dominant hand -dominant hand-


    Favorite food -favorite food-

    Momiji Manju

    Favorite music -favorite music-

    favorite animal

    Favorite movie -favorite movie-

    there are many. I will add it as soon as I narrow it down.

    A word to those who are watching my work -messeage-

    I would be happy if you could freely feel the work in your own way.

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